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10 compost toilets you will want to sit on (I said SIT)

10 Compost Toilets

If you’ve been meditating on compost toilets (and perhaps have already read this post here) then you might be wondering which compost toilet would be best for your boat. Well, look no further! Your choice of toilet may depend on who exactly you expect to be using it. Will there be guests? Clients? Small children? […]


Moorings! All your questions answered. Well, 15 of them anyway.

All your moorings questions answered

Right! I’ve decided to buy a boat. Please tell me everything I need to know about moorings. Uh… such as what, for instance? 1. Such as do I need to secure a mooring before I buy my boat? I was told NOT to buy a boat unless I’d already secured a mooring. For what it’s […]


10 things to try when wasps are eating your boat

Wasps are eating my boat

So it’s another stupidly hot day on the boat. And off the boat. And everywhere. Yes, I know British people are supposed to complain about the weather but this heat is just too. damn. much. I did find a USB fan hanging around, which helps a little as I’m sitting here at my laptop. But […]



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