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10 compost toilets you will want to sit on (I said SIT)

10 Compost Toilets

If you’ve been meditating on compost toilets (and perhaps have already read this post here) then you might be wondering which compost toilet would be best for your boat. Well, look no further! Your choice of toilet may depend on who exactly you expect to be using it. Will there be guests? Clients? Small children? […]


Should I switch to a compost toilet?

Switch to a compost toilet

Are you thinking of buying, building or improvising a compost toilet? Waterless compost toilets are not only a great solution for off-grid lifestyles, they’re also great for the environment. Plus, they’re increasingly popular. Which is just as well, since,¬†according to Waterwise, in Britain we flush away – wait for it – 2 billion litres of […]



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