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Should I switch to a compost toilet?

Switch to a compost toilet

Are you thinking of buying, building or improvising a compost toilet? Waterless compost toilets are not only a great solution for off-grid lifestyles, they’re also great for the environment. Plus, they’re increasingly popular. Which is just as well, since, according to Waterwise, in Britain we flush away – wait for it – 2 billion litres of […]


Repel flies naturally with Citronella (I said Citronella, not Cinderella)

Repel flies naturally with citronella

It’s ridiculously hot. It’s stupendously hot and I can’t get cool anywhere. I know it’s an annoying habit of British people to complain about the weather but it’s just. Too. Hot. No breeze. Just hot. Pretty fly for a… fly guy? Anyway, another aggravating problem that so often comes along with heat is… flies. Situated […]


Hey look, I knitted my own yoghurt, yo!

How to make homemade yoghurt

I have a friend who refers to me ‘knitting’ my own yogurt, because she believes that making yoghurt is complicated and full of dropped stitches. But she’s wrong. It’s about as easy as… well, making yoghurt. Any time can be UHT-time But wait! I hear you cry. Why do I need to make my own […]


Buying a boat: Should I choose a narrowbeam or widebeam?

Should I buy a widebeam boat

When I first viewed my narrowbeam boat I knew immediately it was the one for me. Apart from the lovely oak-and-ash interior, and the glorious lotus flower painted on the exterior rear doors, what I liked most about it was that it reminded me of one of those pencilcases you used to get as a […]



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