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How do I get wifi on my boat when I’ve got no broadband connection?

How to get wifi on boat without broadband

So. Off-grid broadband. Now there’s a thing. Or rather, it’s not a thing. Did you know that the UN has designated internet access as a human right? Well it’s true. Hence why, earlier this year, I spent days and days and days and weeks (ok, maybe not weeks) trawling through all my options to see […]


10 things to try when wasps are eating your boat

Wasps are eating my boat

So it’s another stupidly hot day on the boat. And off the boat. And everywhere. Yes, I know British people are supposed to complain about the weather but this heat is just too. damn. much. I did find a USB fan hanging around, which helps a little as I’m sitting here at my laptop. But […]


How to launder without totally f&cking the local environment

Eco-laundry for boaters

Do you and your family long for safer, cleaner, whiter whites? Relax – this isn’t a promo for the Klan or the EDL – although they might wanna read this too. This post is all about how to wash your laundry on a boat without ruining the environment. Rainbow-coloured crap One of the first things […]



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