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Repel flies naturally with Citronella (I said Citronella, not Cinderella)

Repel flies naturally with citronella

It’s ridiculously hot. It’s stupendously hot and I can’t get cool anywhere. I know it’s an annoying habit of British people to complain about the weather but it’s just. Too. Hot. No breeze. Just hot. Pretty fly for a… fly guy? Anyway, another aggravating problem that so often comes along with heat is… flies. Situated […]


10 things to try when wasps are eating your boat

Wasps are eating my boat

So it’s another stupidly hot day on the boat. And off the boat. And everywhere. Yes, I know British people are supposed to complain about the weather but this heat is just too. damn. much. I did find a USB fan hanging around, which helps a little as I’m sitting here at my laptop. But […]


How to deal with a fruit fly explosion in your kitchen

How to deal with a fruit fly explosion

I walked into my kitchen earlier today and found myself in an unanticipated cloud of fruit flies. Oh gawd. This was my punishment for allowing a lemon to go mouldy in the fruitbowl. It had lain there concealed by the shiny yellow glow of all the other lemons… Toxic kitchen massacre Fruit flies are pretty […]


Using vinegar for cleaning (and when NOT to use it in a chemical toilet)

Using vinegar for cleaning

I’ve been using vinegar for cleaning for years. As a cleaning agent it’s safe, non-toxic and anti-bacterial – and cheap. It tackles mould and limescale and can be excellent at removing stains. While I’ve used all different kinds of vinegar for my cleaning – including cider vinegar, white malt vinegar and plain white vinegar (maybe not […]



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