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Dreaming of a dinette: Part two (the improvisation bit)

Look! I made me a DIY dinette! And it cost me just about Zero Pounds. Come, gather round. Let me tell you all about it. Now, before we get started, a disclaimer. I realise that telling you how I improvised a dinette from the bits and pieces I had lying around in the boat is […]


Dreaming of a dinette: Part One

building a diy booth

Let it be known, oh lawd, I DO love a dinette. Let me tell you about it. It starts like this. One unexpected benefit of my failure to win the mooring spot (see this post here) was that I gave up the idea of using my boat as an AirBnB. You see, the previously desired […]



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I'm afraid I write most of the nonsense on this site, apart from the stuff written by Geoff. (Geoff is the cat in orange.)

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