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Cat on a hot tin boat (or why you should definitely have a ship’s cat)

keeping cats on boats

Last night I spent a dreadful sleepless night. Geoff had gone out at around 8pm and hadn’t come back. This was unusual, and it was only the third night at our new mooring. At 1am I was staring out into the pitch darkness of the towpath, crying out in a high-pitched mewl: ‘Geoff! Ge-off!’ But […]


Something a wise woman once told me

fear is first stage of courage

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a wise woman told me this: she said that fear is the first stage of courage. I’m writing this now, all these years later, because once again I’m afraid. I have fear, now, sitting in my chest and in my belly. And so instead of waiting for […]



I'm Victoria. Hi.

I'm afraid I write most of the nonsense on this site, apart from the stuff written by Geoff. (Geoff is the cat in orange.)

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